Top Ten Most Popular Country Western Female Artists

Here are the top ten most popular country western female artists over the last decade or so and some information about their careers:

1. Dixie Chicks (technically a band, but all-female)– 71 singles; four multi-platinum albums (denotes over one million copies sold); over 30 million albums sold in US; top-selling all-female band during modern era

2. Carrie Underwood– 111 singles; three multi-platinum albums

3. Taylor Swift–three multi-platinum albums; over 20 million albums sold worldwide; top-selling digital artist in history

4. Martina McBride– 51 singles on country charts; nine gold albums (denotes over 500,000 copies sold); over 18 million albums sold worldwide

5. Faith Hill– 111 singles; six platinum albums; over 25 million albums sold in US

6. Shania Twain– 181 singles; four diamond certifications (denotes 10 million copies sold); over 48 million records sold in US

7. Sara Evans– 51 singles; four gold albums; over 5 million albums sold

8. Reba McEntire– 351 singles; over 56 million albums sold worldwide

9. Gretchen Wilson– 5 Top Ten singles; two platinum albums; over 6 million albums sold

10. Lee Ann Womack– 11 single; 4 gold records; over 6 million albums sold

Honorable mention: Miranda Lambert– 21 singles, over 3 million albums sold worldwide

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